My Goals For 2019

This year started rather oddly for us. Just like Christmas, we saw it just as our little family of five. In fact we were all in the car on the way back from a trip to Berlin, the girls all fast asleep as the clock struck midnight.

2018 was definitely a weird rollercoaster for our family. A lot of sadness with a family member passing on Hubby’s side, a really lovely hot summer that allowed us to have lots of fun in the garden, hitting rock bottom when we decided to move the girls out primary school. I think overall it was a good year though.

I took a look back at last years goals before I began writing this one. I was quite surprised to find that I’d actually achieved so many of them! I’ve found it hard to put together a list of goals. Resolutions are not something I make, I prefer goals as they give me a bit more drive and sense of accomplishment. So here’s the nine goals I’ve set myself for 2019! What are yours?

1) Travel More – We ended 2018 travelling and I’ve got such an itch to do more. We have a few things in the pipe line which I can’t wait to share. I hope to go back to Florida this year and the Isle Of Wight during a summer month.

2) Self Care – This year I didn’t take much time at all for self care. My self care was my bath time each day, but even that was taken up by responding to emails or watching Instastories. I’d like to read more in the evenings.

3) Wake Up Earlier – Before we moved houses I was a definite early bird. Up at 6am doing the washing up, being ready on time and generally having the most motivation in the mornings. I’m no longer any of those things and choose to stay in bed until the very last minute making me rushed to get everything done. I need to focus on going to bed earlier so I can wake earlier.

4) Declutter The House – Our house is rapidly cluttering up. It gives me all of the anxiety feelings as I wade through toys, stacked paperwork and general mess. It’s not dirty, just untidy. I want to take a few days, or weeks, to sort through it properly.

5) Get Organised – Much the same as number four, only I mean in my life with this one. Making sure the kids are doing homework on time, that I’m remembering important dates, emails are answered etc.

6) Care For My Skin More – My skin had major break outs last year. I definitely don’t care for it or cleanse properly. I want to find some products that work for my skin which is oily I think so if anybody has any suggestions please let me know!

7) Religion – I want to focus on my faith and commit to attending my church more often than I am. Family and work commitments have made it quite difficult to get there on a Sunday morning. I am also a little lost I think. My plan is to fit time in to study my bible and try to connect better.

8) Arrange More Play Dates – This was one of my goals last year. I arranged so many coffee mornings but failed to sort out proper play dates for the children. Although I think this is going to become quite tough with the many different clubs the girls have for this year already!

9) Get Healthy – Isn’t this everyone’s goal for a new year?? I did really well losing weight in the beginning half of 2018 but with family stresses and Christmas it’s all piled back on. I’m actually eating more naughty foods than ever before and instead of focusing on my weight loss, I literally just want to be healthier. Feed my tummy good or better for me choices, workout a little more and walk more too.

So there it is. My nine quite achievable goals. Weirdly this year I haven’t made any blog or YouTube focused goals even though they are both a huge part of my life. I think I’m ok with how my blog is going at the moment and have my own plans to stick to with it. I need to just sort this work life balance.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2019? Leave a comment below or find me on social media!

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  1. Ah, we have a few similar aims as it happens. More play dates and house de-cluttering plus more bible reading. As for skin, you have reminded me I need more moisturiser. yes, I moisturise and I don’t care who knows it. Biggest organ in the body so why not look after it!

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