“My Grandad’s home will always be my happy place of memories”

On Friday hubby asked if I wanted to see my Grandad. It was probably prompted from my emotional state whilst writing my Nan’s 2 year death-anniversary letter. It was late but I text my grandad to ask if he fancied having some visitors. So on Saturday we headed back to my home town to meet my Grandad for breakfast as usual.


Hubby left us from breakfast to go and visit his Nan leaving the girls and me to spend some quality, much needed time with my Grandad. I felt really emotional as I walked past my old Primary and Secondary school, remembering all the good times of my childhood and the people in it. I find it very weird when I go back to Essex, although everything is full of happy and sad memories it really doesn’t feel like I’m returning home but more just visiting a place my loved ones live in.

family grandad

I haven’t been to my Grandad’s house properly for a while and it still feels extremely upsetting to not be greeted by my Nan’s face in the lounge on her chair. But things are changing there and slowly my Nan’s belongings are disappearing and Grandad is putting his own touch on things. One thing I do love about my Grandad’s home is his garden and the weather was lovely on Saturday so the girls got to explore at their free will.


I took my big camera with me this time. I regret not having enough photos of my Nan so I snapped away capturing memories for us to look back on. P1 and P2 blossom so much when they are outside and they are actually able to get along so well you forget all the arguments they usually have. It’s lovely.

berry picking

When we arrived the girls immediately got to work as a team helping my Grandad pick all of his home grown fruit and vegetables. They starting with the corn on the cob, tomatoes and then I showed P2 the blackberries, her favourite which really delighted her. She couldn’t contain her excitement and was scoffing the berries straight away.


My Grandad has always taken great care and pride in his garden and although various little details of the garden are lacking in the love, like the bird feeder and swinging chair, the rest of it is blooming. It keeps him busy and at 84 years old he’s doing blooming well!

play treehouse

After fruit picking the girls were able to explore the tree house my Grandad built for my brother and I. My nerves were on edge as they were up there as that’s another unloved area of the garden and my Grandad kept saying to them to be careful as the wood may be dead. But P1 really enjoyed showing her little sister all the little nooks of the garden that she too has grown up in.


I really enjoyed spending time with my Grandad. He’s slimming out lately, probably to do with age and his diabetes, but he looks really healthy. He was on the go continuously. I even showed him Pinterest photos for the cake smash we are planning to do round his garden next month. My Grandad still doesn’t have the internet which I find quite amusing.


My Grandad will always be so much more to me than just my Grandad. He’s such an inspiration for all aspects of my life. Seeing the girls so happy Saturday as they played together, bonded and explored was amazing. I can’t wait for our future, when we eventually get a garden of our own and can grow things together inspired by my Grandad. He has so many home grown plants and trees, even several Christmas trees he’s collected from visiting Santa with P1.

My Grandad’s home will always be my happy place of memories. I’m so glad I got the chance to capture some amazing photos of our day for the girls to cherish. Guess what the photo above is that he’s growing?

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