My Healthy Habit with Juice Plus – Start Day

Today I’ve started my healthy eating diet with Juice Plus. It means a lot more to me than just losing weight. It’s about my health. For a very long time I’ve been eating around ten or more biscuits each day and the meals I eat have been easy-to-cook options like pizza or ready meals. It’s become a habit and if I continue like this I’m going to be very unhealthy.

The Juice Plus Complete Shakes contain just the right amount of calories and goodness to be able to replace a meal. I’ll be getting more vitamins than I normally get by dropping meals believe it or not. But of course it’s also about me losing weight, I’m not exactly obese I know that, but I’m certainly not happy with my body the way it is. The rules of the diet are simple and are as follows:

Weeks 0-8 = 2 shakes + 1 healthy meal + 2 snacks per day

Weeks 8-14= 1 shake + 2 healthy meals + 2 snacks per day

Weeks 14-16 (and onwards) = 3 healthy meals + 2 snacks per day

I’ve chosen a mix of chocolate and vanilla shakes to shake things up a little bit. With regards to what foods I should and shouldn’t be eating, I’ve got a huge list. 20% of my daily food should be meat and 80% fruit & veg.

I have to have 1-2 potions of fruit per day so will be having some grapes and a small banana for my snacks. Ivd emptied a 1litre Lucozade bottle to help monitor the 2litres of water per day I have to drink. I have to exercise 3 times a week high intensity to burn fat.

I’m not allowed to eat wheat, dairy (which means the shakes are mixed up with either soya, rice, almond or coconut milk – I’ve chosen Almond although I didn’t like it very much this morning), processed food, alcohol and sugar.

JP start photos measurements 27 november 2014

I’ve been told not to weigh myself during the process but to instead measure and to take a photo for visual progress. Here’s my current and starting stats;

Weight: 7st 1lbs
Hips: 33in
Waist: 30in
L thigh: 19.5in
R thigh: 19in
Tummy: 33in
L arm: 10in
R arm: 10in
Bum: 36in

I plan to do a weekly update just like it’s set out on my Progress Chart. Wish me luck!!

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  1. Good read.. i am in middle east and im looking for vitamins/supplements that i can tale until i came upon reading the benefits of juice plus. i will definitely try it. i actually created a facebook fan page to support it and share the benefits of having juice plus as part of a healty diet .


  2. Sounds like a great plan – I think getting a mixture is a great idea.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

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