My Healthy Habit with Juice Plus – Week 12

I started my weight loss journey 12 weeks ago nearly 13 this Thursday. I haven’t updated for a month and that’s mainly because the Juice Plus Journey, healthy eating and exercise has sort of gone to pot. Ok, I’ve still been exercising usually every day for 10 minutes or every other day so that I’ve stuck to. But for nearly two weeks I have been completely off the shakes purely due to laziness. I’ve felt really awful about the progress I’ve been making, I haven’t really seen a change when I look at myself in the mirror, although I know I’m slimmer and have felt slightly more confident wearing certain clothes like dresses or dungarees, I haven’t been body confident yet and therefore I’ve put off updating my journey.


The above photo was taken just after New Year at the very start of my journey. When I look at these I feel disgusted. I know I am far from being classed as overweight but I just wasn’t happy with all the extra wobbly bits. I actually still feel this way about my body now as my tummy still wobbles in the wrong places and my legs still feel like tree trunks compared to the rest of me.

Then I looked at the photos I reluctantly took this morning and realised I have actually done really well! I am looking slimmer and I’m much more toned than when I started this journey. I have lost weight, I have lost inches and I am eating smaller portions that I was at the end of 2014.

week 12 weight loss

I’ve been shopping for a dress to wear for a family wedding in May and I’ve been really struggling. As a petite person I can only wear certain styles, for example if you are under 5ft 4in you just shouldn’t wear a maxi dress without looking swamped and therefore smaller. I used to wear bodycon and more recently to hide my extra wobbly bits a skater dress. There seems to be a fashion of cut out dresses and I’ve seen so many that look so beautiful and if I was slightly slimmer around my tummy and legs, then I would feel completely awesome in them.


So that’s my goal now. I have just over 5 weeks to really work my tummy and leg fat off and tone them up. Today, I had my Juice Plus vanilla shake with water (no added calories from milk) and I will have the same at lunch. I’m going to work my butt off for longer than 10 minutes each day, and if the kids only allow me to have 10 minutes, I’ll do several of these sessions in a day. I am going to drink plenty of water and I will not snack come 10pm!

Do you find that having a goal keeps you motivated? What were they?

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    Wow check you out! Looking great! I like the idea of juicing but any I try always taste like mulched up brussel sprouts haha!

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