My Healthy Habit with Juice Plus – Week 3

I’m slightly late with posting my progress this week, it was meant to be done last Thursday. I’ve been trying to find time to take photos of myself but I’ve been so busy. I think I’ll start doing the photos every fortnight.

This week I’ve put some effort into this process. I have watched the size portions I’m having and have been exercising at least for 5 minutes each day. More often than not it’s actually more than that, it really depends on what I’m doing that day. If I stay indoors all day then I’ll do a longer workout when the girls allow.

excel progress

Weight: 45 kg
Hips: 29in
Waist: 25.5in
L thigh: 19in
R thigh: 19in
Tummy: 29in
L arm: 9.5in
R arm: 9.5in
Bum: 33.5in

I’ve felt slimmer this week. Maybe it’s because I feel healthier I’m not sure. My weight isn’t losing but I am losing inches which is the main thing I wanted!

I cooked two meals from scratch this week which means I know roughly what went into them. We had chicken fajitas and then I cooked a chicken pie. My first ever chicken pie from scratch and they were actually really delicious!!

food week 3

Next week I want to really focus on exercise. Especially my legs and my mummy tummy. I also want to go for some walks with P3 in the carrier so that I work harder. Even if it’s just once or twice next week at least I’ll feel like I’ve succeeded.

Follow my progress here:


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  1. I love chicken and your pie looks amazing.

    Lizzie Dripping

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