My Healthy Habit with Juice Plus – Week 5


Weight: 43.6 kg (6st 11lbs)
Hips: 28in
Waist: 25in
L thigh: 18.5in
R thigh: 18.5in
Tummy: 27in
L arm: 9.5in
R arm: 9.5in
Bum: 33in


I’ve put off weighing and measuring this week. With everyone just getting over illnesses, with me also having s migraine, putting it bluntly I’ve been eating a lot of crap! It’s actually not gone so badly.

I have decided to take one photo every 4 weeks. I think this will help with my motivation a little more. This week I don’t feel healthy but after this weekend and birthday celebrations, I will be focusing on the two shakes a day and no snacks.

Follow my progress here:


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