My Healthy Habit with Juice Plus – Week 8

My weigh in this week was:


Ive finished 8 weeks of Juice Plus. I’m actually really disappointed with my results and I can only blame myself. This was me at the beginning of January, 8 weeks ago:


And this is me now: (please excuse the awful photo quality, I had manual focused it on a timer and when loading on the computer I realised they were not focused at all but I have no energy to retake)

PicMonkey Collage

I won’t be completely hard on myself. There’s certainly some improvement and I have lost some inches. But it’s nowhere near what I’d hoped for. I never truly followed the Juice Plus plan in regards to the food I ate and that’s what’s to blame. I shouldn’t be eating as many carbs as I am.



Right at the beginning I was watching what I ate more carefully but it fizzled out with various family occasions and emotional moments of relapse. I so desperately want my pre-child body back with my flat tummy. I’m a small person and should be small in build too. I have too many wobbly bits.




Today, at the start of week 9, i should be cutting to 1 shake a day and two meals buf I’ve decided I’m going to stick to two shakes and sort of start again for another 4 weeks. I’m going to create a meal plan this week and go shopping for healthy bits. Our cupboards are low so it’s a great time to shop before our snack drawer fills with tempting biscuits. I want hubby and the girls to eat well too.

A few people have given me tips on exercise too. To burn my mummy-tummy wobbly bits I need to do cardio workouts not just ab exercises to burn the fat away. So I’ve incorporated that into my morning workout.

What’s your healthy quick snacks?

Follow my progress here:




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  1. I eat carrot sticks and houmous or a banana.

    Lizzie Dripping

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