“my hubby has suggested he sleep on the sofa”

Right back when P2 was under 4months old is where the root of our problem lies. Right back when I jinxed our life! I praised and boasted about how well she slept, only waking once and on a bad night twice. Yup, that’s where the problem began!

Last night was so awful that my hubby has suggested he sleep on the sofa if it continues. She was stirring every hour from the moment I put her to bed, 8pm! So that totals 10 times I got out of bed.

We haven’t co slept for a very long time now, the majority of the time she doesn’t even sneak in when it’s a reasonable time. So it can’t be that she’s missing. I’ve rarely changed her bum in the night since she’s been in cloth nappies, only if it’s been soiled, as they are so absorbent it never feels very wet in the mornings. So it’s not that.

I’ve tried so many techniques. No talking. No milk after the bedtime one. Rocking to sleep, no rocking. Cot mobile. No cot mobile. Blanket. Sleeping bag. It would be nice to be able to move her out of our room, she’d probably sleep so much better but I can’t risk having two children awake!

When your husband threatens to sleep on the sofa bed downstairs, that’s when you know there’s a problem and something needs to be done….. But what?!

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  1. Happens to us all 🙂 its just sticking with your routine until she finally gets it. It’s difficult though…..or get a night nanny 😉 x

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