My Matalan Modern Family

In 30 years of business, Matalan have recognised the changes in family life and have evolved their products to suit a wide variety of families. They have launched their Made for Modern Families campaign and there’s even a little competition where you can upload your family portrait for a chance to win £250! A photo like this one:

De Klijns Family

I wrote a post all about my family dynamics. I reread it and realised that my background is pretty darn negative. It’s also extensive. I don’t come from a typical white picket fence, a mum, a dad and sibling/s. My Mum has been married three times therefore I have actually had one biological Dad and two step-dads. My family along the years has been quite extent with members coming and going. Quite frankly that can be confusing for a child growing up and I have never felt truly secure in my life.

When I fell pregnant at the young age of 15, I honestly felt that I was finally part of a real family unit. A family I had created with a Mum, a Dad and a baby. This wasn’t the case and 10 months after P1s birth my relationship with her biological father broke down and we parted ways. My family then became just P1 and me. A single parent because contact was not maintained with her biological father.

When P1 was just over three years old I met my husband. He soon became P1s Dad when she chose to start calling him that. That’s exactly what he is to her in every sense of the way. He loves her, puts her needs before his, helps with the school run, feeds her, buys her clothes or toys and is always there for cuddles when she’s feeling sad or hurt. We had formed a family unit.

When P2 arrived into our lives that’s when I truly felt like my family was complete. I felt content, happy and secure for the first time in my entire life. This feeling was strengthened on my 21st birthday when we tied the knot on our relationship and Hubby became P1s “real” Step-Dad and we were a modern, blended family as the Matalan research suggests.

Then of course P3 entered the mix and we are now a family of five. We are constantly busy and will be for our entire lives now. We are already stretched meeting the demands of three little monsters disguised as cute innocent looking daughters. We are a bigger than the average 2.4 children family. We will most likely never have spare money for ourselves. We will also never be lonely at Christmas (I hope…). Being a family of five means that we fill an average sized car, and for some reason they seem to be getting smaller in the modern life. Being a modern family means we are well connected to the internet and obviously I blog about our daily life daily. I breathe for my family and every day is made so much better spending it with them.

matalan modern family

This is us. What does your family look like? Are you a single parent, do you have your parents heavily involved, are you living by yourself surrounded by pets and no children? Family isn’t always about having children. Family isn’t always blood. Don’t forget to enter your family portrait into the Matalan competition.

I am blogging for Mumsnet in association with Matalan. I have not been compensated for my time writing this post, however, it is my entry into the Mumsnet prize draw.

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