My Sunday Photo – 16/08/2015

One of my new friends over here in Sevenoaks invited me to her daughter’s Christening. I felt so honoured to receive an invite to not only the ceremony but the little lunch afterwards. A couple of weeks before the Christening my friend asked if I could take a couple of photos of her family for her on the day which of course I would have done. But I wanted to give her something a little more special. I am certainly not a professional photographer, far from it seeing as I always shoot in Auto mode, but I sometimes get some lovely photos from my DSLR so I offered her my “services” to take some photos throughout the day as my Christening gift to her daughter.

I’ve just got back from the Christening. It was a really special, close family event and I seriously feel so lucky to have been part of it. Her family are just so kind just like my friend and taking the photos meant so much more to me than I thought it would. I have to admit, most of them are blurry, but I’ve managed to get quite a few decent shots that I hope my friend will love too.

For this My Sunday Photo I want to share a photo I took this afternoon of some of the food at the little after Christening get together that my friend had put on. I tried so many new things today and I have absolutely no idea what they’re called but these were my favourite.

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  1. That looks lush! So nice to be appreciated in photography isnt it! Congrats on this =) #mysundayphoto

  2. OneDad3Girls (@OneDad3Girls)

    They look very yummy. Hope you had a good day

    Thank you for linking up

  3. How lovely! What a thoughtful gift….
    That food looks amazing!

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