My Sunday Photo – 17/05/2015

When we chose to move out of our home county to a brand new one 18 months ago, our decision was swayed by the amazing community that we found over in Kent. There always seemed to be something going on, from craft fairs to christmas bazaars and horse charity shows. The people were genuinely friendly and would smile at you as you passed in the street. It was never like that for me in Essex, you got a smile from someone you knew but never strangers.


Our local park, literally a 5 minutes walk if that away from our house, was awful. Proper 90s dangerous equipment. We went about twice right at the beginning of living here and never returned. Then at the end of last year they began work building a new Pavillion/community hall right by the old park. The council had been given a budget by the new housing that was being built to provide something for the expanding community.

The new Pavillion is now home to one of the stay and play groups I attend with P2 and P3 every Thursday. It’s an amazing space and a place we have grown to adore. The people are lovely and P2 always feels at home there and she’s able to actually walk there too which is a bonus.

They also started work on the outside space and this was the part I was super excited about. Over the past month or so I’ve seen it form into something pretty exciting which I’m sure will be featured in a post at a later date. The playground and play space is now so wonderful and safe for all ages. With the safety bouncy flooring, equipment that is completely safe for P2.

Today they opened it. I invited my Grandad over as there was a bouncy castle and a few events planned. The weather was beautiful and I’ve never seen so many turn up for a park opening. It was quite breathtaking. Despite it being crammed with children the playground didn’t feel dangerous or busy. All the kids were getting along and everyone was smiling.

I baked some bacon & cheese filled potato skins, made some sandwiches, packed some crisps and a drink into a hamper and we enjoyed a lovely picnic together on the field watching the just and bustle. I’ve had a truly lovely Sunday with my family. Even if I’m now exhausted. Being outside really wears you out doesn’t it?


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  1. What a great place and such a lovely way to meet up with family 🙂 #mysundayphoto

  2. Its always nice to give attention to open places and playgrounds =) #mysundayphoto

  3. How wonderful, sounds like you had an amazing day with your family. What a lovely picture of the kids on the picnic blanket, so sweet 🙂

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you. We don’t live near our relatives anymore so it was nice having my grandad (who’s turning 84 next week) to come along and see our new community.

  4. OneDad3Girls (@OneDad3Girls)

    It sounds like a wonderful place and as if you had a brilliant day

    Thank you for linking up

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