My Sunday Photo 2016 – #8/52

It’s the last day of the half term. I am actually really sad about it which is totally unusual for me. Usually I’m quite ready to shove the kids out the door for school but this time, I would quite like them to stay. I think it’s because last weekend we had swapped all the rooms around. This has resulted in the girls having extra space to play. We’ve also been doing quite a bit this half term. A trip to London, to soft play, to see family, to the shops, visits to their Nannie, their monthly sleepover with the other Nanny and lots of movies at home in our pjs. I have really enjoyed our time together despite getting very stressed about mess and toys piling up around me.

This is probably a good opportunity to just mention that my beloved phone has been sent off to be repaired yesterday, so email response time is slower and social media presence is nearly non-existent. It could be as late as Friday until I am reunited, however, I’m hoping it’ll be much sooner as already I have managed to complete a square, finish a full square and get half way through another one for my knitted throw!

Today’s My Sunday Photo is of my girls of course. Taken this morning as P1 read her sisters a Peppa Pig book, P2 was preventing P3 from smacking her. Pretty much the story of my life this week which makes it a very appropriate last day of half term photograph.



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  1. I am with you on half term too – there is something in the air this year! That is a lovely photo – it seems to sum up their characters #MySundayPhoto

  2. I love it when the holidays become something to savour, sign of a good week, they all look very happy together

  3. Aww a bunch of gorgeous girls as always. Glad you’ve enjoyed half term time with the girls and sounds like you all got so much done! My son would love a trip to London but I’ll need to have it planned in advanced since we’re up in Scotland 🙂

    Maybe it’s time for a toy clear out? I so need to do one myself!

  4. It sounds like you have had a great half term…So glad the room change has worked well.
    Such a sweet photo….

  5. They look so sweet sitting there having a story read to them. Sounds like a good half term

    Thank you for linking up

  6. I know what you mean about half term – I’m usually relieved when the feb one is over but its been lovely this year. Nice pic of the girls.

  7. So glad you’ve had a lovely half-term and love this photo of your girls – the way P1 is reading a story to her sisters and the way P2 is looking at the camera as she grabs hold of P3’s arm! Beautiful shot 🙂

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