My Sunday Photo 2018 – Chickenpox!

This week has been all about chickenpox. Very nearly two weeks after P2 first broke out with chickenpox, P1 and P3 came down with it. I plan to write another post all about it but definitely thought that for this weeks My Sunday Photo, it had to be of my biggest baby. She has suffered quite badly this week, I felt pretty helpless despite doing my best to soothe her. We are now over it, or at least in the healing up process now and I am quite grateful that my girls will now hopefully never get it again.

How has your week been? Better than ours I hope.


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  1. The top photo you’ve taken is lovely. Sorry to read that they were suffering chicken pox at the time.. #MySundayPhoto

  2. Darren Coleshill

    Oh bless her, my girls suffered quite bad too

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  3. Elizabeth Cole

    Oh bless her – she does look uncomfortable!

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