My Sunday Photo 2018 – Hating On The Snow This Weekend

On Friday we experienced a short lived snippet of what the spring and summer will look like for my family. It was warm enough to sit outside with no coats on.

Yet this weekend we have been graced with more snow. Usually I’d be jumping for joy about the white flakes falling from the sky. Willing it, pleading it to settle and get deeper so we can play, build snowmen and sledge. But this weekend I’m gutted.

My Grandad has been very poorly. He’s thankfully back home, well technically staying at my Mum’s for the time being. However, he still needs some assistance and reassurance I suppose. My mum had a trip planned and she asked me to come and stay at hers to keep an eye on my Grandad and help him where needed.

Part of me hates leaving the girls, specifically leaving my husband overnight. I’m weird like that, I miss him terribly. But I was also really excited about getting away for about 12 hours, spending some time with my Grandad and getting some blog stuff done in peace.

The snow ruined that. It didn’t feel worth the risk driving in the snow. My grandad has my brother with him, who is more than capable, but I feel this tremendous guilt about it. I was needed and this stupid snow meant that I couldn’t get there to be with him and make his cereal in the morning.

I’m hoping that I can enjoy the snow today though, now that we are past when I was meant to be with my Grandad. Have you got snow this weekend?


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  1. We have a little bit of snow, but I think the ice is causing more issues here!

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