My Sunday Photo 2018 – Sleepover Party

This weekend P1 had a sleepover party for one of her school friends’ birthday. She had been so excited for weeks and weeks, picking out the present and writing the card. She spent Saturday being quite difficult to deal with as excitement had overcome her. But off she went.

Just before she left P3 came up to me with a twenty-pence coin in her hand asking if she could go to the party as she had money for a ticket. It was the cutest thing. In that moment I promised that she could have her own sleepover party at home with P2.

When I got home, Hubby had brought the duvets down into the lounge and printed off some photos as P3 wanted to decorate the house. There was dinosaurs and dogs all over my lounge. It was adorable. We gave P2 and P3 a bath, then headed back downstairs to watch The Secret Life Of Pets with snacks.

P3 was adamant she wanted to sleep downstairs, so I allowed her to drift off to sleep before transferring her to her bed. I’m not quite brave enough for a full blown sleepover in the lounge just yet. I’m also too scared to host sleepovers for friends here too. Does anybody have experience of sleepovers? I’d love some tips.


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  1. Elizabeth Cole

    I have such fond memories of sleepovers – and your girls are just getting to the age. I think the best thing to do is start with a mutual friend of all three and get them to stop over in a separate room if possible.

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