My Sunday Photo – 21/06/2015

So we are back from BritMums Live. I felt very inspired and welcomed by loads of lovely bloggers. More people recognised me this year which was lovely and I especially enjoyed speaking to those I follow religiously myself.

I tried to arrange a little baby photo gathering which a few turned up to which was great. Kerry from Oh So Amelia and Laura from Mummy’s Zone were my Doona buddies this weekend so we decided to grab a quick shot of the three of them together. I love the photo. It sums up the reason why we all love our Doona. It’s multi functional and fantastic for travelling across London.

Despite the horrible situation that aroused from the photos of our Doona Moments on Facebook last night, I am actually quite thankful of that nasty blogger who decided to sneakily take a photo from the hotel room. She reminded me that there is such a huge community of loving people in the blogging world and I just want to say a huge thank you to those who supported us. I hope she feels ashamed.

2015-06-20 10.33.16


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  1. Read that article! I was using my car seat even outside the car (but of course I carry my son in and out of the car seat) and I felt that though its not directed to me I feel like I am being attacked too =(

    I dont know why there are people like that. I dont know who she/is but I dont like her already.

  2. OneDad3Girls (@OneDad3Girls)

    This is a great photo, bloggers of the future?

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Lovely photo!! Such a shame someone tried to ruin the day for you x

  4. This is such a lovely photo and it is such a shame someone was so mean. Everyone at the event could see all the babies were happy and were rarely in the buggys inside as whenever I seen them they were getting held or sitting playing on the floor. They really should be ashamed of themselves xx

  5. Raisie Bay (@okesanne)

    I love your Doonas, I’ve not seen them before, but I am a bit out of touch with baby things. What a great idea though. I’m glad you had a good time at Britmums and I’m sorry someone tried to spoil it for you, it never fails to amaze me that people can be spiteful like that. x

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