My Sunday Photo – 30/08/2015

We headed back to Essex yesterday and I will blog about that soon because I have so many photos to share from that day. This week my sunday photo is of P1. P1 is so hard to photograph lately, she’s actually really into photography and points out “great photo” opportunities and she loves to pose but she has trouble actually standing still long enough to get a good, unblurred photo. I really need to either get a new lens or learn how to use my camera in manual mode and not automatic. So photos of P1 are either blurred or she looks grumpy. But this photo is brilliant of her. I took it yesterday when round my Grandad’s house. She absolutely loves being there and has fond memories, just like I do, and the girls have the opportunity to explore his garden safely.

30 august 2015

I’ve also chosen to use a photo of P1 because this week has been horrendous with her behaviour. It’s that dreaded last week of the school holidays which I knew would cause mayhem but I feel this horrible butterfly-sick feeling in my tummy about the start of school on Thursday. We all desperately need a routine back but I’ve really enjoyed the lazy mornings making pancakes and spending half the day in my pjs. I’ve loved listening to the girls laugh with each other, but of course I’ve hated the arguments too. It gets to this stage of the holidays and I wish I could home school the children but I just wouldn’t have the patience for that.

Next Sunday we will be back in the throws of school with a Year 2 child. We will be looking ahead to P2 starting nursery the coming week and probably feeling even more scared about our beautiful babies growing up too quickly. Are you ready for school or would you like an extra week or two?


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  2. Awww lovely expression =) #mysundayphoto

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    Beautiful photo, ah the joys of the last week of the holidays

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  4. A really lovely photo. I have a child always in motion too so I know what you mean about blurry photos 🙂 I hope the new school year begins well. #MySundayPhoto

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