My Sunday Photo – Easter Sunday 05/04/2015

I had a few pictures I wanted to put as my Sunday Photo for Easter that reflected our past week. There was one of P3 crying, as mean as that sounds, it really reflected the week we’ve had with her being poorly. Then there was the picture from Saturday, when we went to see Mr Tumble and P2 has her arms out wide asking to hug him.

I settled for a photo that was captured from yesterday. I’ll be blogging about our fun filled day in the next day or so (when I can get through 409 photos and edit 20 videos!). This photo of hubby and me really makes me smile. We’ve been having a rough time at the moment with various awful family situations but yesterday it felt like a huge weight was lifted and the dust blown off. We smiled and laughed for the first time in a long time. Pure happiness.


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