My Wedding Day

I’m now a married woman. Does it feel any different? Nope. Everyone’s right that the day would be over in a flash.

As you all know my wedding day was also my 21st birthday. So the night before my Mum and Grandad took me out to celebrate. We had a wonderful meal! I stayed at the Premier Inn with just P2, P1 was meant to be with me but it actually worked out better for her to stay with my Mum and have a bath in the morning.

I woke up at 6am the morning of the wedding. I was calm and just lazed about in bed until about 7:30. I had a shower and at 8am P2 woke up to begin her duties as bridesmaid. We ate breakfast together before the “crew” arrived; makeup artist, hair stylist, my mother, my friend, P2 and then the photographer.

The nerves didn’t set in until 10:30, when I wiggled my way into the dress. The dress my beautiful Nan bought for me. I started to feel very sick and a massively nervous. During the car journey I could feel my heart pumping away, so I held onto P1s hand and she held onto my Grandad. When we arrived and I saw my Nan’s sister I expected to see my Nan’s face emerge. But she didn’t, obviously, and a huge feeling of sadness came over me. It was really hard to hold back the tears.

The ceremony went just how I thought it would. My OH (will now be hubby for future posts) slurred the words to his first set, bless him! They announced us husband and wife and off we went for photos.

The meal and reception went fantastic. My Grandad and the Best Man’s speeches went down a treat. I have to admit that I got a little tipsy and hubby stayed sober – it seemed. P1 did so well, she stayed awake the whole day and was remarkably behaved. P2 only had two little naps during the day and apparently slept the whole night for my Mum! If only she’d do that for me…

We decided against a honeymoon, for now anyway, so it’s all over now and I’m back to playing housewife. Juggling chores and children.

I have loads of photos from various friends and family, far too many to post, so here’s just some of the ones I love for you to take a look…

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