My Weight Loss Journey With BodyChef – Introduction

I recently wrote about my lack of body confidence and positivity. I posted a photo of myself on social media and had a lovely response. Most people did the usual “you look amazing” stuff and a few people actually understood what I was trying to get across. The thing is I am not stupid, I am definitely not overweight to look at or according to my BMI. But I am very close.

The thing is my weight is that I am very, very petite and any extra pounds I gain shows up much more than a person much taller than me. I currently weigh very nearly the same amount as I did when I had just given birth to P3. I am 7st 2lbs, or 100 lbs. This may seem like a small amount to an average person but I am only 147cm tall or 4ft 7in. 

Of course having children changed my body. My hips are wider, my boobs are floppier (thanks P2 for the reminder daily) and my tummy is definitely squidgy (P3s delightful comment). I know I’m not obsese and I know I should be content in my own skin but when I looked at the above photos of my body I was honestly shocked. I have lumps and bumps and saggy bits in places I didn’t realise.

I started doing some research after posting about my eating habits. In fact I specifically searched for juice diets and ways to lose weight quickly. As Hubby reminded me it’s more about finding a way to get healthier foods inside me without the effort. We are a family who consume far too much convenience foods because quite frankly we are a busy family with not a lot of extra time or headspace for preparing meals.

I then came across BodyChef which is a company that prepares fresh, healthy foods and delivers them to your door. It takes away the hassle of shopping, meal planning, no calorie counting and it’s a really personal diet plan. There was so many different diet plans to pick from including ones for summer, low carbs or low sugar. I decided to pick the Premier Diet Plan because I wanted to reduce my calories to 1,000 a day whilst being able to eat healthier and more varied.

I’m going to be documenting my weight loss journey over the next month in a series of blog posts and videos. This is the initial post and video at the very beginning to my journey. I’ve created a video talking through why I’m doing this and an unboxing of my first delivery. I will be having two deliveries a week for four weeks. They come on a Tuesday and a Friday because they are made fresh. When you sign up and create an account you can see your delivery slots and really customise your plans from there too. There’s also a really useful weight tracker and BMI calculator which I used to help me understand what I need to lose and how long it will take me.

Each meal plan has breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinners provided in cute little containers. It also comes with your meal plan which details calories on and cooking instructions. Each food item is clearly labelled with your name, the food and the day/time you need to eat it plus a use by date too. I’ve been super impressed so far and am really excited to finally work at losing this weight properly and healthily. 

So I’m going to finish off my introduction post by sharing what my goal weight is and how much I need to lose. Alongside the BodyChef meals I will be exercising using a YouTube video. I’m aiming to do 15 minutes each day and possibly doing it twice a day if I can. So my goal weight is to be 6st which means I have around 1st 2lbs to lose or 16lbs. Yes this is a pretty big goal for just four weeks and I am unsure I’ll reach it but I’m going to try my best.

Please remember to check in weekly and also subscribe to my YouTube channel where I have a playlist just for this series. Wish me luck!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. This looks great and I’m looking forward to following your journey x

  2. I love that the food comes already prepared! How handy! I agree with Rebecca that you look fab already – but best of luck xx

  3. its so handy to just have the food prepared for you isn’t it?! Good luck (even though you look fab already)! x

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