#MyHolidayParty – Our Fake Christmas Day 2016

For many reasons I haven’t celebrated Christmas back at my Mums house for a while. But thankfully the relationship that was very broken has begun to fix itself after three years of turmoil. I finally felt at the stage where I wanted to spend a Christmas with my Mum, my Grandad and my little (in age not height) brother.

So I arranged a fake Christmas Day ahead of Christmas to spend round my Mums house. It fell on a weekend where she had the girls for their sleepover so I travelled back to Essex on the Sunday to see the girls and watch them open presents. I felt a little bit cheated of child free hours but I felt quite excited about it.

My Mum’s house was beautifully Christmassy. With decorations everywhere, even in the downstairs toilet! I contributed to the table display by bringing my Holiday Party range from Yankee Candle. I actually love the new fragrances this year which are inspired by the holiday party, there is; Festive Cocktail (the red one), Star Anise & Orange (the orange one), All Is Bright (the white one) and Macaron Treats (the green one).

I am quite picky with my candle fragrances but I actually love each one. I was sent a few of the small candle jars, a medium and a large one, tea lights and some votive candles too. Strangely enough my Mum had a Gold, Silver and White theme going on which matched the stunning Festive Trees Tea Light Candle Holder, the Gold Star Tea Light Candle Holder and the super cute slogan Votive Candle Holders that say Cheer, Joy and Noel.

P3 had come down with a bit of a temperature and refused to let me leave her side, even for a second, which made eating the delicious turkey Christmas dinner a little struggle. My Mum had gone all out with all the trimmings, two different gravy choices and the selection of puddings was gorgeous.

After dinner the girls were able to play with the many toys they’d been gifted early from Santa. I have no idea how that big man knows that we were having a fake Christmas Day but he definitely made it feel authentic. We also muddled through making a Gingerbread house. I’d never made one before so that was interesting.

At 4pm we headed for a Christingle Service at the church I used to attend weekly when we lived nearby. I felt super nervous walking into a place that was so familiar yet pretty unfamiliar too. Nothing had really changed. I got “it’s lovely to see you” over and over again. And “what are you doing now” too. It was a lovely service and although P3 slept in my arms the entire time, the other two enjoyed getting their Christingle oranges and lighting them up.

I packed up the gazillion toys the girls were gifted pretty quickly as P3 just seemed to be getting worse. I had a really lovely day being back at my Mums. Although it still felt a bit odd, I did feel pretty sentimental about it all. My Mum is having a kidney transplant early next year and my Grandad certainly isn’t getting any younger so I think I’ll cherish this day forever. As always, and because it’s vlogmas, I have included the video from our fake Christmas Day! Don’t forget to subscribe.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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