#MySundayPhoto – Half Term

Half term seems to have vanished before our eyes. I think that’s because we have only had the girls for half of the time they had off so we’ve barely had a chance to do anything or go on many adventures.

It’s Sunday now and we are actually enjoying (hopefully) a day out in London as this goes live but I wanted to use a photo from yesterday. We are all becoming little home bodies and both Hubby and I really love just being at home now that we are settled. But yesterday I decided to get us out of the house for a park trip.

This photo was taken at Calverley Grounds which is in Tunbridge Wells. There’s a new park on the grounds so this was our first experience of it. We rarely go in to Tunbridge Wells main high street but the small snippets we get really impress me. I personally loved it, the girls really did too!! It was so lovely to get out in the fresh air and sunshine. 


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  1. You all look so happy – hope you had great weather – half term tends to vanish before you know it!

  2. Beautiful photo, that’s only up the road from us. We keep meaning to visit it

    Thank you for linking up

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