#MySundayPhoto – Snails Pace Of Life

It has shockingly been well over a year since I last took part in My Sunday Photo and after spending some time with the blogger who hosts this linky, I felt inspired to join in again. I definitely feel like I have been losing my personal blogging mojo recently and perhaps this may help ignite it once more.

I found this little thing outside our old house once we had moved out this week. We had been waiting a little longer than we should have for the cleaners to come round. I was gathering up the last remaining items of stuff we had there and generally making things look a little more respectable.

It was just slowly sliding along with no care in the world. I found it quite funny to find that it had a cobweb over its shell. I watched it for a while. I wondered what it may be thinking and how life can be so busy. Our life has been especially crazy lately with our move, adjusting to school and gaining more social and school clubs than we have the daily hours to achieve.

I wish we could slow things down and go at a snail pace.


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  1. Snails are one of my favourite creepy crawlie. #MySundayPhoto

  2. I do love snail photos and this is a lovely one #MySundayPhoto

  3. It’s good to slow down sometimes, I think snails might have the right idea! Lovely close up! #sundayphoto

  4. You captured that snail beautifully – hope all things move have gone well and the girls are settling in!

  5. You did a marvelous job capturing the little guy

  6. Fantastic capture of the snail, love the cobweb on its shell. Couldn’t agree more about wishing we could go at a snails pace, as you said always so much to do but not enough hours. Hope you settle well into your new home.

  7. I welcome you with open arms.

    I find snails so interesting, they just go at their own pace.

    Thank you for linking up

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