#MySundayPhoto – Taekwondo Exam

I’ve failed at the second week of uploading My Sunday Photo on time. Ok granted it is still Sunday but I’m writing this very late. I have been poorly all day, I’ve caught what my girls have had all week which they’ve so kindly passed to me now.

We are child free for four nights and we are half way through that. P1 had her taekwondo grading this afternoon. My Mum and Step-Dad kindly brought the girls back to Kent from Essex so that she could be there for her grading. I had forgotten to pack her Taekwondo Passport so I had no choice to leave my sick bed and head to watch.

I wanted to watch, it’s her first grading, but I didn’t want to upset the other two girls by seeing me and then leaving again. P3 especially is sensitive to that sort of thing. But I figured she couldn’t stay upset for long surely. So I took a stroll down to the hall where it was being held.

She looked nervous. My Mum had been quizzing her on the questions she needed to learn but P1 wasn’t doing great at remembering them. Mum and I gave each other worried glances as she practised her moves and warmed up for the exam. None of us knew what to expect. I felt so proud of P1 in those short minutes she was in front of the examiner (I’m not even sure if that’s what you call them).

We won’t know whether she has got her first tag, the Yellow Tag, until this week at her next lesson. I’m excited to find out and I know she is too. I love how much effort she has put into her Taekwondo lessons and that’s why I feel it should be here for a My Sunday Photo.


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  1. Aw she looks like such a poppet – hope she got her yellow tag! #mysundayphoto

  2. I love how proud she looks – do let us know if she gets her tag!

  3. Crossing my fingers for your sweet girl! Hope she got her yellow belt! I had two who did Taekwondo. My oldest has his black belt, but the sedond one quick a year before getting his!

  4. Beautiful photo, fingers crossed she passes.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Thank you for linking up

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