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As a parent, safety is very high on the list of priorities. Whether it’s preventing cuts and grazes, making sure they look before they cross the road and making sure they are safe in every environment. My biggest fear is when I’m not around and I have zero control over their safety. Night times to be precise.

I wasn’t as strict with P1. Most likely because I wasn’t overly aware of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome due to my own age. With P2 it’s been a whole new story for me, I’m aware of the dangers and together hubby and I have done everything we can to protect her. She’s slept in a sleeping bag from birth. In every aspect of her life she’s been wrapped in bubble wrap in all honesty.

Our latest safety procedure for bedtime is the Nabby baby monitor.

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The Nabby is tiny. Literally less than the size of my palm, and my hand is pretty tiny. It works with all iDevices and Android phones/tablets with a free app. Despite having no visual monitoring to offer, this little monitor has plenty of great features to offer any parent.

With radiation caused by mobile phones being hot on the press lately, it’s great to know that the Nabby only has 0.08mW average radiation when it’s listening. It has a safe connection with just one phone at a time, this is secure and unique. The Nabby charges in just one hour and lasts for 70 hours. It uses a 370yard Bluetooth connection.

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The Nabby has different sound sensitivities to choose from. Lowest, low, medium, high and highest. We decided to use the highest setting at first, it seriously was highly sensitive. It detected the bed creaking when P1 moved and even the louder vehicles outside. My iPhone was going off every few minutes so we chose the high setting. There is a slight delay, only a few seconds, when P2 woke up to when my iPhone notified me of it but nothing serious.

When the Nabby is connected it can still be used during phone calls and using other apps including games. The sound of the Nabby over rides any other sounds alerting you that baby is awake. It also gives you notifications on the home screen.

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In the app, there are some “pay for” features; temperature sensor, sleep timer and a listen now option. These features are fantastic, especially the temperature sensor, however it would really annoy me if I was to spend £119 to then have to spend about £6 on extra features. It should definitely be an integrated feature as standard. But that is my only downside of the Nabby. Oh and don’t be tricked in buying them separately, there’s an option to “buy all” at a discounted rate!

I love the Nabby. It’s by far the best baby monitor I’ve ever seen. It’s simplicity, size and quality is just fantastic and I love how I can monitor from my phone. You can buy yours here.

(We were sent this product free of charge by Nabby for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions and photos are of my own)

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A perfectly simple and effected baby monitor! Small and very easy to use.

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