Nappy Rumbles

Nearly 4am in the morning and instead of sleeping whilst P2 is happy kicking about her Moses basket I’m awake posting about how stupid I am.

I fell asleep with P2 snuggled next to me – as usual. But she woke me up with all the wriggling and bottom burping she was doing.

Although she was sound asleep I decided to do her nappy. Big bloody mistake… It was only a tiny bit wet, which I would have known if I’d had a little peak before doing it.

So like I said I’m laying with my OH snoring in bed on my left and P2 babbling to herself in the Moses on my right. It’s been like that for the past 30minutes.

I’m just waiting for her to need her top up and realise that she actually wants to be back in bed with her Mummy.

These are my photos from today. P1 had a great time painting a present she got at birthday/Christmas

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  1. I remember that feeling all too well. I started changing Rio’s before a feed in the end. Lovely pictures!

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