National Sister Day With BABY born® Interactive Sister

On the first Sunday of August, the world celebrates Sisters! A whole day to celebrate the sister in your life. My girls have two each. I have three little girls. In fact I am a big sister too. So I definitely thought it was a great opportunity to share the brand new BABY born Interactive Sister Doll and give my girls a little present to celebrate their unbreakable bond.

baby born sister doll

The BABY born Interactive Sister doll is just like the original BABY born however, she has jointed legs, can stand unaided and has beautiful long hair. She cries, can drink and can be put in the bath too. She comes with two cute friendship bracelets, super trendy clothes, removable shoes, a hairbrush and accessories. I love that her clothes can also fit her BABY born baby sister too as buying outfits separately can become quite a expensive.

I love that there is now an older sister from the original doll. It means that the girls can really create some imaginative role play games with them both and they are also able to play together as sisters too. P3 calls her “baby” still but she’s completely in love and P2 has really enjoyed taking her clothes off and popping her in a sink bath. P1 being our eldest has enjoyed practicing her braiding skills. The BABY born Interactive Sister is really a great all round toy for them all.


We are celebrating sister day with some special activities, some donuts and lots of love. Hopefully. You can buy the BABY born Interactive Sister Doll for just £44.99! 

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Value For Money

Genius Idea

A cute big sister doll for the well loved BABY born!

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