Why You Need A World Map In Your Home

When we moved house there was one room I was most excited about. Our dining room. We had never had a proper place for us to sit and have our meals, a table to craft at and bake cakes. I honestly haven’t got the words to explain my need for a dining room and my excitement. 

Weirdly enough this is a room we haven’t quite finished. It’s definitely a working progress as we have the table we want to paint, more pictures and a new dressing up storage solution too. But one thing Hubby really wanted was to have a world map on the wall somewhere. Not any world map though, a huge one and thankfully Hello Canvas had just the one we visioned.

Hello Canvas sell a great range of products perfect for every home. I was obviously really interested in their selection of maps, eight in total. Each map choice comes in three different sizes and three different colour effects – black and white, sepia and full colour. We picked to have the World Map School 2 option, full colour and in the size 90 x 120cm.

The map is a canvas print map. It also has a really strong backing to it unlike normal canvas prints that tend to feel very fragile. The map comes with free pins or flags. We have the flags although I haven’t quite brought myself to physically pin anything to the map as it’s so beautiful I don’t to puncture it. You can also have the map put on a floating frame for an extra cost. I wish we’d got the white one now, although the blue really matches our dining room wall.

The girls love the world map. Hubby and I have also been really impressed too. There is so much detail right down to the cities of countries too. This is going to be so useful when the girls start studying geography in a little more detail. I also do really want to document all of the places we visit as a family, I just need to find the courage to push those pins into the print.

This specific world map option cost us £89. I don’t think that is bad at all, it’s really good quality and makes a really impressive feature print for our dining room wall.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I love the idea of a map to pin places you visit as a family, great way of showing them how far they have travelled

  2. The boys have a world map on the wall in their playroom which we use to mark places we’ve visited or been on holiday. They also have an interactive globe from Vtech which they absolutely love. xxx

  3. I do really think world maps are fantastic for helping children learn about the world around them. I sometimes don’t think they grasp how big the world really is. I remember as a child realising how small I was compared and being quite shocked by it actually. xx

  4. Ah this looks great and really educational too! X

  5. I love the map!! I really want one in our home so my son understands where we’re going when we go on holiday. It’s hard to explain to a three year old what different countries are!

  6. I love that map – kids never change; my brother had one when we were growing up and we used to play so many games (find the country, match the flag)! Hope the girls grow to love it!

  7. my son has one in his room and it is so fun for him to mark where he’s been and see where things are. Lovely post 🙂

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