Needing A Breath Of Fresh Air

January was such a peaceful month for us. I felt so chilled out and was able to take up a new hobby. Blog things were super quiet and general life felt pretty slow. But when February hit I think it brought with it the January blues that I thought I’d skipped.


I have been feeling so incredibly emotional, stressed and busy now. Blog stuff has taken off at a crazy pace and life feels out of control. There’s mess everywhere I look, clothes washing and tantruming children. I feel lost and bogged under.


On the way home from London the other day, we stopped off at the local park. I haven’t really been there this winter which is strange because I spent all summer there looking forward to when P3 would be able to run about happily. Our little visit in the late afternoon was just what I needed to lift my mood a little and remind me of what I have.


I need to calm down about things and focus on the good rather than the bad. I also think I need to focus on me much more. Disturbed sleep hasn’t played the best part in my mood lately and I’m really hoping that as the days go by I’ll be able to be much more positive than I have been.

Do you ever feel like life is passing you by and you’ve lost control?

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  1. Sometimes fresh air (and switching off) is all you need to be ‘you’ again, isn’t it? Beautiful pics

  2. It’s awful feeling under pressure. I hope you can find the balance soon xx

  3. Sometimes fresh air is all you need just to actually have the moment and not worry about the stress of what life has got going on!! Hope things calm down for you soon x

  4. Totally, I was exactly like this at the end of last year and still feel a bit like that now. Blog work is taking over and I have a million and one other plates to spin too. I have to admit there were a fair few tears shed too! I feel a lot better now though and have decided to say no more this year!

  5. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    I always find that I feel better if I get out of the house. I hate being cooped up inside when the day isn’t turning out how I want it too. Our sleep deprivation level has been off the charts of late and getting out, turning stuff down and relaxing off a bit helps. A LOT! Lovely post and that last picture is wonderful! H 🙂

  6. I find I feel like this a lot, the first and most hard step is admitting it. I like to be busy and never turn things down but we like your guys have been poorly this month and it’s all got too much. Yesterday I cancelled all plans to just have a day at home, to watch crap on the TV and drink lots of tea – I do feel a lot better now. I hope you find a little balance or a break soon lovely xx

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