New Hair

I made it. And I surprisingly didn’t feel that emotional whilst I was gone.

My boobs clearly missed P2 as I felt them filling up half way through my hair being coloured. Apart from that it was quite nice to not have to lug a carseat around or worry that P1 is walking too close to the road etc.

Do you like my hair??


Pretty good for £46!

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  1. Oh I know the feeling of your boobs filling up… Lol Like a time bomb ticking away, waiting to explode the longer you are away. Nature’s way of keeping us close to our babies. Your hair looks beautiful! Love the blonde!

    • It’s like someone giving them a really really hard squeeze and not letting go! So attractive haha. Awww thank you, I wanted this hair style a year ago but the place I went to didn’t do it right so was left with what I had previously. So pleased today. P2 is a bit confused.

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