New Series 2 Num Noms & Unboxing Video

I tend to steer clear of the latest craze for my girls. I’m a horrible mum you see and just let them watch videos of the latest craze on YouTube. But when I was asked to create my own unboxing video for the new Series 2 Num Noms, I unashamedly got quite excited. P1 has been begging for these weird little toys for a while now after her obsession with Shopkins fizzled out a few months ago.

We were sent the new Series 2 Freezie Pop Deluxe Pack to open up and play with along with 2 Mystery Packs. I have to admit I was pretty excited opening them too. Toys have certainly improved since I was a child. So for those who haven’t spent hours listening and watching Num Noms videos on YouTube, Num Noms are cute scented toys. The Noms part are a hard toys which is either a lipgloss, stamper, motorized or a special edition eraser. The Num part is a squidgy scented character which can be stacked on top of a Nom to create thousands of different combinations.


 The Num Noms Freezie Pop Deluxe pack comes with 5 Freezie Pop Nums, 2 motorized Noms, 1 Freezie Pop container and 1 Freezie Pop accessory plus the collectors menu which you can tick off the ones you get. We were also sent 2 Mystery Packs which container a collectors menu and either a stamper Nom or a Lipgloss Nom. We were lucky enough to get both of these so the girls were really thrilled.

Although they suggest the Num Noms are suitable for ages 3 and over, all of my girls love them. P3 especially enjoys them and even says “num noms” which is super cute. I can’t believe just how much fun they’ve had with such a tiny, cute little character. You can find the Num Noms Deluxe Pack and the Num Noms Mystery Pack on Amazon. We created a little unboxing video that you can see below. It was our first ever toy unboxing I think so be kind.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Value For Money

Cute little characters

A really cute and fun toy for all ages.

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  1. Not seen these before, however my twin girls aren’t really into these type of things but they do look cute!

  2. I just can’t bring myself to getting them for my little one. She has me tormented but with how Shopkins panned out I know I’ll just end up out of pocket. She can watch as many YT videos as she likes haha

  3. I’ve never heard of these, but think I’ll avoid showing Lamb as he’s obsessed with novelty plastic toys! I’ll stick to the free ones form McDonalds 😉

  4. I am going to avoid showing my daughter these as she seems to have developed a bit of a love for tiny plastic toys eg my polly pockets, tsum tsums and anything shopkins themed.

  5. Aw, if this is the next latest craze, I am al up for it – they look so so cute! x

  6. I have ever heard of these, though mine are a little younger. Its fun that they can have a surprise from the things in the blind bags

  7. I’m a mean mum too and rarely buy these type of things. I generally encourage them to buy with pocket money if they really want them. Neither of my girls have mentioned these so I’ll wait and see if they show an interest! xx

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