New Wine – Day 1

So during this week I’ve come to realise I’m going to have even less Internet signal than I thought… The joys of being in a field I guess. So I’m going to date my posts and hopefully post as soon as I get signal.

Day 1 – 27/07/13

We arrived at New Wine all safe and sound. The journey was actually really straight forward… But I suppose it would be at 4am!! Travelling with the girls was really easy too, they both fell asleep and we stopped only once.

My OH was hilarious when we arrived. He hasn’t been camping since he was a child, watching him attempt to be a man and put up the tent was hilarious. My Mum had to help him.

He has been rather reluctant to come with us and had only agreed to come this week – very last minute. So we were all on the task of making my OH feel comfortable and excited. It didn’t really work… But after a nap this afternoon his mood has sprung to life and he seems quite relaxed.

However, it’s now raining. A lot. Where has the sunny summer weather gone?! I want to be sat out in the field with P2 on her mat with the hundreds of toys we’ve got her, P1 running about playing in the paddling. But nope, we are all sat inside the tent listening to the pitter patter of rain drops. Quite soothing… But not what I’d hoped for.

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