New Wine – Day 2

Day 2 – 28/07/13

My OH and I fell asleep really early, and although it was obviously interrupted for me by P2 nuzzling for boobie, we had a pretty decent first night.

We enjoyed a lovely cooked breakfast courtesy of my Mum and spent the morning relaxing in the outdoors with a mixture of sun and wind. P1 went to her children’s group whilst my Mum and Step-Dad went to worship.

In the afternoon I decided to attend one of the very many seminars. This one was entitled “Unreached 20s”, I took P2 with me and hoped she’d stay quiet throughout. She woke half way through and I tried to give her a feed but that caused more fuss than good, so she sat on my lap waving to everyone around her. Yup, she’s waving now and it’s adorable!

We had a traumatic early evening as P2 decided to secretly throw the only dummy I packed out of her pram. Stupid on my part for not packing a spare. My brother eventually found it in the pouring rain about an hour later along the road, after both my OH and me searching. Absolute star!

It’s been quite a different day really. Some laughs, some stress. Some sun, some rain. The fun and games of camping I guess.

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