New Wine – Day 3

Day 3 – 29/07/13

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a child cry so much! There’s a child, of unknown age as I haven’t seen it, that seems to constantly cry! The first night people in our camp were complaining, then yesterday evening I could hear what they meant.

The poor child cried for literally a whole hour, maybe more, non-stop. I don’t quite understand how any parent can cope with that amount of crying and ignore it?! Then this morning, the same thing happened, the child has been crying on-off for absolutely ages. I know that some parents favour the controlled crying thing, I used to with P1, but surely there’s a limit to how long you allow to “self soothe” when clearly your child can’t.

Anyway, today we spent the day at Longleat Safari Park. Usually my OH hates anything remotely “zoo” but today he actually enjoyed himself. We didn’t go in the monkey drive thru, but he kept complimenting everything we saw. Complimenting the amount of staff, the cleanliness and the amount of stuff to do. P1 spent most the day with my Mum, step-Dad, Aunt and Uncle, but P2 stayed with us and she really enjoyed herself. She was awake so much just staring at everything, especially the ceilings in the Longleat House.

The weather was very temperamental today, one minute it was boiling and I wish I’d worn shorts, the next it was pouring with rain and even slightly stormy.

My back/hips are starting to be really painful from sleeping on the floor and we’ve taken co-sleeping to a whole new level. Absolutely dreading having to train her back into her cot when we get home!

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