New Wine – Day 4

Day 4 – 30/07/13

Today has been a really lazy day. We woke up quite late, got up leisurely and plodded about the camp. Today was also wash day for my cloth nappies.

I was in two minds whether to just give in and take disposables with me, that was what other cloth users had advised me to do, but I decided against and to take them with me. So today, I was on a low stash and decided to take them to the local laundrette.

I’ve never used a laundrette before and it was all a little confusing at first. My OH guided me and we got them washed AND dried within about an hour. Amazing!! So I should now be ok until the end of the holiday, as long as P2 doesn’t have a sudden poop clear out like last week!

Whilst at the laundrette several people congratulated me for using cloth nappies and for breastfeeding. It was a real pat on the back. I love it when things like that happen, where I’m appreciated for just being me.

The weather has been quite rubbish again for the majority of the day, but it’s finally clearing up this afternoon. I’m hating not having Internet access. Although I don’t particularly need it it’s nice to know that if I did need to check for local petrol stations or the postcode for the laundrette that I could!

I’m currently using free wifi for 60minutes as we wait to watch “Blind Date” or at least New Wine’s version…

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