New Wine – Day 5

Day 5 – 31/07/13

Last night we learnt that P2 is a sensitive sausage. We went into the main Arena right at the end of worship ready to wait for the Blind Date Show evening entertainment. P2 loved the lights and music, she even had her arm held out reaching for the lights, but when the show began she wasn’t too happy. It was past her bedtime for one, but whenever everyone laughed she’d burst into tears. I was a bit disappointed really as I’d dragged my stepsister and my OH down there an hour early just to have to return to the tent soon after it started.

P1 had a rough night with my Mum apparently, she’s wanted to stay in there tent and each night she’s been kicking and rolling onto my Mum. P2 had a really good night, she didn’t feed at all which was very odd. Usually I would have said she did and I just didn’t feel it but I’ve been wearing a t-shirt this holiday. I kept waking up worrying about her but there she was absolutely soundo.

We had a really chilled morning. My Mum and stepdad went to worship and a seminar, whilst the rest of us stayed by the tents and just relaxed. My OH and I didn’t even get showered until the afternoon!!

Today was “Bring & Share” in our church camp. So everyone brought a few bits of food and we put them in the gazebo in the centre of camp and all enjoyed lunch together. P1 played up a bit over eating a doughnut, the only child in the world to complain about a doughnut!!!

I’m about to go to the evening worship which I’m feeling a little anxious about as I haven’t done this before. There’s so many people!

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