New Wine – Day 6

Day 6 – 01/08/13

Last nights worship was really odd. I believe in God… I do. But I found it really uncomfortable being around a lot of people that were screaming, shaking and shouting. I found it scary. But the actual worship and talk was amazing!

P1 fell over on her way back from the loo and cut her knee and hand open. I’ve never seen so much blood from a knee graze!! The lady at the children’s centre soon patched her up and she got managed to persuade me to buy her a teddy.

Today we have been to Cheddar Gorge,the weather has been absolutely beautiful. Both the girls were a bit tearful about the cave at first but soon loved it. I really think sunshine brings out the best in everything. We enjoyed a lovely cider, caves and wonderful views.

I can’t believe tomorrow is our last full day before packing up. It seems to have gone really fast but would have been made so much better if the weather was this beautiful the whole time. I’m hoping to go to morning worship and a seminar or two tomorrow.

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