New Wine – Day 7 The Last Day

Day 7 – 02/08/13

Last night my OH and I enjoyed a little alcohol… Or in my OHs case half a bottle of whiskey to himself. It was really great to see him fully enjoying himself and being relaxed. I know he’s found this week tough, being the minority in a camp full of Christians.

We woke up relatively late and the whole family went up to the local pub for lunch which was beautiful except for P1s behaviour which seems to have deteriorated again! I think it’s because of all the different people she’s turning to and receiving different ways of parenting.

I went to another seminar this afternoon. It didn’t really reference to Christianity as such but it was about what women/men really want to hear. The speakers were amazing and so funny! I really wish I’d been to a few more but I was really nervous at the beginning of the week. Now I know I’ll be attending as many as I can next year.

We have packed up the tent today, New Wine doesn’t officially finish until tomorrow but my OH wants to miss all the traffic and travel late tonight. I wasn’t too happy about this idea when he first mentioned it but now we’re doing it the whole thing does seem acceptable and logical. The girls will sleep in the car, I will sleep in the car and it will hopefully be a quicker journey. My brother is also joining us.

I love being on holiday, especially now the sun is shining but in all honesty I’m pretty much on holiday all the time now I’m on maternity leave. It’s just a different feeling.

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