No Hope

Another false hope and this one has left me even more anxious and frustrated.

Last night I was experiencing a constant period pain in my lower tummy and back, which every ten or so minutes would intensify with tightenings that lasted 30seconds ish from 11:30pm until about 3am. I couldn’t sleep as every time I dozed off the pain would intensify.

At about 2:30am I decided enough was enough and that we needed to ring hospital to make sure everything was ok as once again it felt too much like labour had begun. Since being admitted before I’ve been very reluctant to seek medical help. So I nudged my OH and told him what I wanted to do. His half asleep response was “Just try and relax and go back to sleep” Back? Back?! I hadn’t even been to sleep yet!!!

He quite clearly wasn’t waking up any time soon. Typical bloke. So I decided to do what he says as he’s usually right; try to relax and go to sleep.

I must have managed to fall asleep as the next thing I know I’m being woken up by the morning alarm. Meaning I’m on duty for making sandwiches and getting my OH up for work.

Guess what… he was right. And I bet he feels amazing after a full night sleep. The pains have gone. But I’m left with a dull achey feeling in my back today and sharp shooting pains in my lady bits when I walk.

Come on baby!!

All I hope is that I go into labour during the day as I fear my OH wouldn’t respond very well to actual labour starting during the night.

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