Nominate Me for a Brilliance in Blogging Award 2015

I’ve had it in my calendar for a long time yet managed to completely miss the openings of the Brilliance in Blogging awards yesterday! The awards are to celebrate the best of the parent lifestyle blogs in the UK and there are 12 categories to vote under.

After attending BritMums Live last year I felt the sheer emotions and excitement of the award ceremony for myself. I felt myself welling up, whether that was hormones or just the atmosphere, and I’m so excited about getting to experience that again this year sponsored by Fisher-Price. Only this year I would love to be one of the blogs in the award ceremony.


So I guess I’m here asking begging for some nominations and to make things a little easier, there’s just one category I would love to be nominated for: Family! Why? Because quite frankly that is what my blog is about and what my entire life revolves around.

Here’s how to nominate:

  1. Click here to visit the nomination page, enter your details securely.
  2. Scroll to section 14 of the nomination page and enter these details; 
    Blog Name: Life With Pink Princesses
    Blog URL:
    Twitter ID: @lwpprincesses
    Bloggers Email: [email protected]
  3. Then there’s two other sections, why you think I deserve it and a favourite post. Obviously, why you’ve decided to take some time out of your busy life is completely up to you and the same goes for your favourite post.

Blogging has really become a part of my life and although I know numbers, stats and rankings, even awards, are not the be all and end all it really does make you feel special and the little slice of the internet you have created means something to someone.


I’d love to thank you for nominating so please leave a comment! I would also really love to know what posts you enjoy most.

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  1. You definitely deserve a nomination xxx

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