Non-Contact Thermometer – Review 3

When I was pregnant with P1 I always went to The Baby Show – I went to both the London ones and absolutely loved it. This pregnancy I dragged my OH and P1 to London to spend some monies. It definitely didn’t fail once again although my OH looked pretty fed up with being bombarded with information on babies by the end of the day. As normal, my OH was very careful with the things we bought… I think if I was left to my own devices then I’d have come home with lots of things that would end up gathering dust in a corner somewhere.

One thing did catch my OHs eye. A non-contact thermometer. We spent what seemed like ages being demonstrated this product. I liked it – my OH liked it, but he didn’t seem about to part with his cash for it until the man said “It has a very high temperature range” this must have triggered something in my OHs brain as the next response was “Even motorbike tyre temperature?” – it does, so guess what… The deal was sealed within seconds and my OH parted with his money.

Here it is: The Syner-Med VeraTemp (£36.95)


I have a confession… I rarely use thermometers. I’ve always been a touch, if ok-ish, leave child… If burning, that’s when I scrabble around in a panic trying to find a thermometer from somewhere… Waiting a few minutes with a squirming child to get a reading off of the blooming thing. We bought this thermometer with the intent to use when P2 arrives but this aamazing thing has been used a lot already! More than I’ve ever used a thermometer in my life!

It is so simple to use. Point the end at the child’s head, click the button that says “Scan” and you instantly get a reading. Technological perfection! And its uses don’t stop at children, like I mentioned above, it can be used to check the temperature of a surface, baths, milk, the room and of course motorbikes if you please. It has three colour responses with a digital reading of the temperature – Green, Amber and Red. It also keeps 32 readings in it’s history incase you need to monitor the temperature over a set time.

I think the best feature of this is the fact it’s non-contact. Meaning you don’t have to wake or disturb anyone to take their temperature. As a mother we all know that the best remedy for illness is sleep!

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