Nonabox December Review

Decembers Nonabox came in a beautiful Nona-Styled Christmassy box. I’m actually finding great use for the boxes so this one is a cute little edition to our collection.


Nonabox is a subscription box that costs just under £25 a month. I’ve listed the products included in this month with their value and it’s clear that it does exceed the £25.

Born Free Twist N Pop Sraw Cup (£4.99) – We’ve been using this cup every day. The cup is easy to wash and I love the straw part as most toddler cups have quite large straws, this one is more adulty.

Multi-Mam Compresses (£8.50) – I’m not breastfeeding anymore so have been unable to try these myself but they are designed to help soothe sore nipples and prevent infections.

Multi-Mam Balm (£6.24) – Again I haven’t used it myself but it’s designed to protect the nipple before and during breastfeeding.

Summer Infant Nasal Aspirator (£5.99) – We haven’t used this one yet but I love the way it’s super compact and easy to store. We relied on a nasal aspirator for P3 when she was first born.

Petiotes Grosgrain Bow With Alligator Clip 8cm (£2.99) – I’ve always been jealous of the baby’s that wear cute little bows or clips in their hair. Silly I know but P2 was born with no hair. P1 had an odd hairstyle and just wouldn’t suit a little clip. However, P3 has amazing hair so this little petiotes bow hair clip has been fab! It’s purely for cuteness. P1 has stolen it too.


MAM Baby Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Bottle 130ml (£5ish) – We use these religiously so I certainly welcomed an extra bottle. I just love MAM!

Quinola Mothergrain Swede & Parsnip (£2.55) – The fork mash texture will get him familiar with slightly more solid food. The mix between swede and parsnip gives baby a more savoury introduction to vegetables, with all the quinoa goodness that comes with it. P2 loved this even though she’s past weaning stage.


The Nonabox is a fantastic way of trying out products you wouldn’t necessarily know about or buy. It’s also a fantastic gift for any new parent that beats the usual baby clothes or teething rings you get gifted.

My reviewing has been extended which is ultra exciting. I can’t wait to receive the next box of surprises.


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