“Not only was P1 sent home from school we also ended up in A&E”

It never occurred to me that I’d get a phone call to collect P1 from her first day at school. But it was just our luck.

The morning went swimmingly. I woke P1 up, gave her the porridge I’d cooked for her, got her dressed, teeth and hair done. She was excited about wearing her princess backpack and we went off to school, all of us!
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20130903-032939 PM.jpgWe arrived early so we could sort everything out seeing as we didn’t know anything about the school. First impressions were fantastic. We were shown P1s classroom and met her teacher. We said goodbye and P1 was fine, she actually seemed very excited about it all.

My OH, P2 and me then went to the Wimpy for breakfast, after all it is hard work waving your child off to school! As we sat and ate I heard another Mum on the phone nearby clearly speaking to their child’s school and asking how their son was getting on. I sat thinking “over protective” and “just let them get on with it”.

We got home to sort out all the documents for our move this weekend. We were literally home for about 20minutes when I received a call from the school, well a voicemail as I was on the phone at the time, it said:
“Hi Jodie. This is the school. She has had an accident and bitten her tongue. Can you please come and get her?”

I immediately thought, typical. Typical me! Typical of my family to always be in some sort of drama. But then I thought what?! Why would she be sent home from biting her tongue. So we didn’t overly rush to go and get her. The school is only up the road and we were there within about 15minutes of receiving the call.

When we arrived I was greeted by my daughter who’s tongue was very deeply cut and it looked rather scary! Oh and blood down her brand new school shirts… According to P1, she was washing her hands and a boy behind her pushed to the front, knocking her as she was licking her lips and she clamped down onto her tongue as she hit the floor. The teachers said that there was a lot of blood. I can tell from the blood stained shirt.

This picture doesn’t really do the cut justice, it’s a lot deeper and gaping in real life…
20130903-033946 PM.jpg

20130903-033955 PM.jpgI got hold of my doctors at 12:45 where they informed me that they were closing at 1pm and to go to a walk in clinic, I explained what had happened and they very concernedly told me to take her straight to A&E.

When up the hospital she saw three people. They said it is quite a serious and deep cut but because she’s a child they can’t really do much. So we’ve just been advised to keep her on a liquid/non-chewable food diet for a few days and we have an appointment for a follow up in 7 days.

So… Not only was P1 sent home from school we also ended up in A&E. That’s definitely one for the memories! I have absolutely no idea how to pack a school lunch that’s filling enough with a liquid diet… Oh and she’s quite pleased about the bear the doctor gave her!
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  1. Oh my goodness! What a dramatic start to her school life. I do hope the rest of her time at school is less dramatic. My daughter bit her tongue today too, falling off of the monkey bars at the park and half landing on her chin. Nowhere near as bad as your daughter though. Hope her tongue is better soon.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I hope your daughter is ok! It’s been a very traumatic day, my Nan passed away this afternoon. It’s a huge loss.

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