Num Noms Inspired Easter Hunt

It’s Easter weekend! Happy Easter. Our lead up to Easter has been a little pants due to illnesses, snow and a busy daily life. I did manage to grab some Easter treats from Poundland recently but I do tend to steer away from chocolate if I’m honest. This year I wanted to do something totally different. We decided to have a Num Noms Easter Hunt.

We had three Series 4.2 Mystery Packs to hide along with the Num Noms Dessert Tray and the mystery pack inside the tray. I was actually really excited about this. This little activity could be done inside and out.

Hiding the Num Noms is pretty easy because they are squishy and can be hidden in all sorts of places. I obviously tried to make the mystery packs harder to find, but with P3 only being 3 years old I had to make the game a little easier than I could have.

They had 6 each to find and then we used the Collectors Guide to find their names. I didn’t think that the girls would enjoy this and it would be over pretty quickly but actually it was quite the opposite. The girls absolutely loved running around the house finding the Num Noms. 

We then headed into the dining room for some Num Noms inspired Easter crafts. We used egg shaped cardboard, the scented Num Noms stickers and felt tip pens to get creative. Once again I was expecting the attention span to be pretty poor but the girls surprised me. Scroll down further to see their beautiful Egg Garland.

Here’s a little video I made of our Easter Hunt, I hope you enjoy!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. This looks like such a cute idea – and much better than giving them lots of chocolate.

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