Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Playset Review

When we recently went to Bella Italia for a Num Noms Event, the girls got to play with the Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Playset and they loved it. I was really pleased when we received one after the event to review. P3 got to play with it first but I loved seeing the reactions of the other two.


Num Noms are really cute scented toys that are collectable. You can mix and match the scents/flavours to create different combinations. The Nums are the squidgy little toys and the Noms are either an Eraser, Motorised, Stampers or Lipgloss. The Lipgloss Truck Playset is super cute. It obviously looks like an ice cream truck and has plenty of parts to explore. It comes with the Lipgloss Truck itself, lip gloss ingredients (plain lipgloss, two flavours and some glitter sprinkles), mixing accessories, 1 scented Num, 3 lip gloss container Noms, and 1 collector’s menu.


The Truck is so colourful. The instructions are easy to read and making the lipgloss is super straight forward too. You simply divide the main lipgloss bowl into 8 pieces and spoon on piece into the mixing bowl on top of the truck. You then add a few drops of the flavouring and sprinkle some glitter. I personally love the smell of the lipgloss when you add both flavours. You then spoon the mixed lipgloss mixture into the top of the truck where there’s a plunger. You can plunge it straight into one of the cute Num Noms pots. I would advise popping it in the fridge for a little while before using it as with all the mixing it gets a little soft.


All three of my girls have loved making lipgloss but even beyond that, they really enjoy stacking the Num Noms inside the truck and playing imaginative games alongside it too. It’s not a cheap toy at nearly £30 but would make an excellent present at Christmas time or for a birthday. Here’s a video of us playing with the Num Noms Lipgloss Truck below:

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Value For Money

Cute collectable toy

Really lovely collectable toys. The girls really enjoy all the different scents and cute characters

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