Num Noms UK Series 5 Launch Party

It’s always a little bit exciting when you get invited to a Num Noms UK Party in London and that’s exactly where we headed during half term last week. It was a party to celebrate the launch of series 5 Num Noms in the UK.

We caught a train, it was the first train after rush hour time so we were pretty lucky to get any seats. Poor P1 had to sit with another family in front of P2 who was perched on my lap. P3 had the comforts of her pushchair and Hubby clearly pulled the short straw of standing.

We had a short walk through London to the party destination, the Good Housekeeping Institute Cookery School. It was hard to miss with the Num Noms (let’s see how many times I can say Num Noms in one blog post) balloons outside. I think I was more excited than the girls at this point.

The girls got stuck in playing with all of the Num Noms, then began to decorate their cookery hats with Num Noms stickers. Hubby played a game of Num Noms Top Trumps with P1 who was definitely much better than him! Everything felt very chilled out for us which was a nice change.

Then Nickelodeon’s Nigel Clarke introduced himself and the plans for the morning. First up was some pizza making. I honestly thought that they’d hand the kids ready made dough, but oh no, they were bravely making the dough from scratch with about 30 children!

They worked in pairs to create the dough, then split the dough in two. Hubby was working with P3 as our table had an odd number of children on it. The team then brought out the tomato sauce and toppings. P1 had made a Pikachu shaped pizza, P2 a cat and P3 made stars.

Whilst the pizza was cooking the children got the chance to make Num Noms inspired fruit skewers. I loved seeing how much concentration there was in my girlies faces. They were really enjoying themselves!! P1 picked grapes as her only fruit, P2 and P3 were both a little more adventurous which was lovely, piercing strawberries and grapes onto their sticks.

The pizzas were soon ready to eat. The girls loved seeing their creations and I’m not sure why I never think to do this type of activity at home because they loved it! All three took big bites, even Mummy and Daddy were able to have some. The pizza was then followed by the fruit skewers.

All the children then had a short time to play some more with the new series 5 Num Noms. With every series they bring out the collectible toys get better in quality and smells. They are so adorable. Hubby and P2 also had a go at creating their own smoothies using muscle power to spin the bike and blend the fruit.

Then the most exciting part of the party was definitely the doughnut making. All the kids had hilarious little expressions as the team brought them two rather large doughnuts round. The lovely people at Doughnut Time taught them how to old the piping bag for icing and how to ice the doughnuts. One chocolate and one strawberry, the colour of the Num Noms logo obviously.

There were two huge bowls of sweets brought out for decorating too. I definitely think that more sweeties went into mouths rather than the doughnuts. But the end results were great. We then had nine huge doughnuts to transport home on the train because each box had a plain one inside too. Far too much sugar! Great fun though.

The party even continued on our journey home as each of the girls received a goodie backpack full of Num Noms Series 5 products. The girls looked adorable walking the streets of London with the cutest Num Noms backpacks I’ve ever seen! I know, I’m bias. We definitely couldn’t prevent the girls opening their treats so our train journey home was a little Num Noms unboxing. They were in heaven!

I adore the new Num Noms Lights Surprise In A Jar, it’s a little soft toy Num Noms that lights up. It is so cute! Series 5 has so many new character Nums, as always they are set out in groups; Croissants, Jelly Rolls, Crepes, Bread Rolls, Marble Ice Cream and Marshmallow Squares. The Nums are all scented and smell delicious! Previously I’ve always thought they were quite plasticy but this time they are really genuine. The new Noms are Lip Gloss and Nail Polish which are brilliant for play dates and pampering.

By the end of the day we were all sugared up and absolutely worn out. We all had such a good time. The whole thing was brilliantly executed too and I’ll definitely have to take some tips on board for our own future parties! Don’t forget to check out my video below from our fun at the party.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Those backpacks are gorgeous – and I love the new food themed Num Noms – very cute!

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