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Parent consultation evening a few weeks ago really opened my eyes to the struggles P1 has academically. Numberbundle contacted me a few weeks ago and I was super excited about the concept but never got round to actually doing it with P1. Then this week the school had their opening evening where we were able to go into her class and look at her work. I know you shouldn’t, but I found myself comparing her work to her friends and I feel ashamed to say that P1 is definitely very far behind.


Yesterday was the start of P1s half term but P2 was still in nursery, so I used this opportunity to sit down and open up the Numberbundle. A mathematics activity box full of age appropriate maths activities to make learning fun.


Our box was tailored for Year 2, ages 6-7 years, and I was really surprised at just how much had been supplied in the box. There were 7 activity cards; 2 Arts & Crafts, 2 Cookery, 1 Science, 1 Outdoors and 1 Active activity. Then there was all the “ingredients” to make the activities except the cookery things and bits like pencils, scissors which have to be provided by yourself.


The little activity booklets give really easy to follow instructions with little question prompts to get you talking about the topic. Our topic was obviously Time and this is something I always struggled at learning as a child and I think P1 is going to too. 


We decided to follow the Paper Plate Clock activity as this seemed a good starting point to learning about time. It did say that no adult assistance was required but P1 has slight learning difficulties so I was there to help when she needed it, which wasn’t very much at all.


Overall, I love the numberbundle box. I think it’s full of really useful, educational and fun activities. It would make a great rainy day bonding time. The numberbundle is suitable for the Early Years Foundation stage and Nationa Curriculm for ages 3-7 years. The box subscription cost is £16.99 per month, or you can buy a one off for £21 as a gift or just to try it out before you subscribe. For once, I actually think it’s really worth that price!!


Disclaimer: This product was sent free of charge for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are of my own. 


Value For Money


The Numberbundle box is so much fun and completely educational too. We had lots of fun learning to tell the Time.

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  1. This looks great. I love teaching aids that are fun which makes learning so much easier for children.

  2. This looks like a fab box and definitely worth buying if you want to give little ones a helping hand at home. x

  3. Alexandra | I'm Every Mum

    Oooh this looks great. Our eldest really dislikes Maths she hates it. Something like this would really help. I wonder if they cater to her age. Off to have a look. Great review x

  4. Lisa (@backsnbumps)

    This is a great idea. Anything that can make learning fun for children is worth trying x

  5. What a great idea, I will look into these as I think it would really help my younger two. Thanks.

  6. I was horrid at maths, so this is a great fun way to keep maths fun and surprising for kids.

  7. This looks like a fab set to aid learning and fun too

  8. These look like a fab way of helping her learn. I think it’s only natural to compare children to others x

  9. Looks like a great box – is there a companion English/reading one?

    Lizzie Dripping

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