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As a new mum you soon realise that the amazing little human you created is a time consuming little monster that is permanently attached to your hip. You’re told to rest and leave the housework for another day. I remember being told that this time round, my third, and laughing inside. I’m not leaving the housework because I’ve chosen to spend as much time with my newborn as possible. Oh no. My newborn has decided for me that housework is not an option. At all. At any time of the day because quite frankly being in mummy’s arms is much nicer.

We saw this little rocking chair, the nuna LEAF, at the baby show last year and instantly P2 fell in love. I remember being surprised at the weight limit and durability. A few months later and we were offered the chance to test it out for ourselves at home.

nuna leaf

It’s definitely not like other chairs we’ve had before. It’s very simple and does what it’s intended. The nuna LEAF is inspired by the gentle swaying of leaves in the breeze hence why the shape of the chair is a leaf. The chair gentle sways using kinetic energy from the centre point of the base. The base is also lockable which is very handy as P1 has accidentally missed the chair several times when unlocked and she’s fallen on her bottom as it’s moved.

The seat has a beautifully soft cushion for baby to lay on which has the “veins” of the leaf sewn in which is very appropriate. It also features a 3-point harness to prevent baby from falling, however since we first started using it I have noticed on several occasions that P3 is getting strong and able to sit up by herself in the chair, not once has she nearly fallen though and she quite enjoys swaying herself whilst sitting up. The harness is adjustable with velcro but is quite stiff to loosen. The harness is super soft and padded for optimum comfort.

nuna leaf seat

The best feature about the nuna LEAF for me is the longevity of the chair. The nuna LEAF is suitable from birth all the way up to 60kg! For an example of what 60kg looks like, well it’s P1 (15kg) sat on my lap (I’m 43kg). This means that the chair is not just a bulky bit of baby equipment but actually a piece of furniture for your lounge, child’s bedroom or anywhere really. All three of my princesses take turns to sit on the nuna LEAF; P1 loves to chill with a book after school especially, P2 enjoys sitting and watching Peppa Pig on the telly when she’s feeling a little overwhelmed by the day and then P3, the intended user, takes all her day time naps in there swaying from side to side. I’ve even been known to sit and eat my breakfast on it whilst being close to P3 on the play mat.

nuna leaf children

One of my friends had commented on a picture I’d share and labelled it as a pricey chair, which lead me to investigate a little further because I actually love it so much and would feel lost without it now. The nuna LEAF comes in four different colours (mine is Bisque) and costs £160, so yes very pricey for a chair. But if you think of the length of time it will be used. I used the girls Red Book chart for weight to age averages, at 19 years old a girl should weigh about 60kg. So if you were to use the chair once a day for 19 years it would work at about 2p a day! Now that to me makes the chair excellent value especially as it would be used for more than just once a day.

I would definitely recommend this rocking baby chair and am so thrilled to have it in our future.


Value for Money

A brilliant, simple yet practical baby item that will see you from newborn to teen age.

User Rating: 3.8 ( 1 votes)

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