Nuna REBL Car Seat Review

It can get a little confusing when you have a baby. All the different products, technologies and safety requirements that come from the responsibility of having a baby. I remember when P1 was born and I wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital without the nurses checking that she’d been safely fitted into her car seat. Things have changed slightly since then but car safety is something we sort of take for granted I think. It’s something we do every day without really thinking about it as a parent. I’m a mum of three and every time we go out in the car I have three little people to correctly strap into their various car seats of various stages. We were recently sent the new Nuna REBL Car Seat to try out and it actually led me to research a little more about car seats and safety in cars in general.

nuna rebl carseat

The Nuna REBL Car Seat is i-Size approved. This is a new European safety standard for child car seats that basically means that the car seat has had extra side impact testing. This safety standard is currently running alongside the existing one after being released in July 2013 but will eventually be replacing it. I think this is such a crucial safety standard actually and now that I know more about it myself I will certainly be looking for this in any further car seats we buy in the future.

The Nuna REBL Car Seat is quite bulky. It’s very heavy too weighing 13.5kg. It looked quite beastly if I’m honest and screamed pure luxury. The seats are padded to the extreme keeping baby comfortable and secure whilst on journeys. It has a no re-thread 5 point car harness. The bit I loved most was the 360Β° swivel. I have always wanted a car seat that was able to turn towards me to make getting in and out of the car seat so much simpler.

nuna rebl in car

The Nuna REBL Car Seat is an isofix only car seat. It is easily secured with two simple clicks which has 9 different positions to ensure a correct fit depending on your car. It also has a support leg which touches the floor of the car for added security and stability.

I have experienced many car seats that do not recline or recline just once and still are far too upright for my preference. The Nuna REBL Car Seat has 7 different recline options, these work whether the seat is forward facing or rear facing. Children are recommended to be fearing facing until 15 months at least so having the different recline options is great. The Nuna REBL Car Seat is suitable from birth up to around 4 years old (19.5kg), technically P1 who is 6 years old and only weighs a mere 15kg could still ride safely in the Nuna REBL Car Seat.


I don’t think I have words to describe just how amazing this car seat is. Full of helpful functions like the swivel, the little pockets to put the straps in to making it easier to get in and out, and there’s even a footrest of all things to help older children get in and out of the car seat themselves!! You can pre-order your Nuna REBL Car Seat for Β£395 and comes in 4 different colours.


Value for Money

Amazing and modern car seat. I-Size Safety approved and featuring so many essential and useful functions for a car seat. Growing from birth to 4 years.

User Rating: 1.99 ( 258 votes)

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  1. My daughter has the Nina rebl and it is very wobbly and moves side to side quite q bit. Does anyone else experience this problem?

  2. Any update on the issue of head falling forward? Thank you in advance for any information

  3. I’m not happy with how my baby’s head is falling forward and the wedge doesn’t seem to make any different. She is 16 months. Any advice would be appreciated!
    I am disappointed with the seat considering the price! Does anyone else have issues with the straps twisting around in the buckles?

  4. We have a nuns rebl for our second baby. We had a be safe rearward facing seat for our first child and liked it a lot but found it took up a lot of space in the car making legroom very snug for the front passenger. With baby number 2 we looked into a rearward seat that would not compromise on safety but give us more room in the front. We went to our closest independent carseat specialist and I drove them bonkers trying out every rearward facing seat in stock in our own car. We left our old besafe on the other reassert to compare the space they took up. The nuna was the last one we tried as I was sire it was rather big. However it allowed me to move back two or three extra notches on full recline! This made it by far the most compact extended rearward facing carseat currently on the market! We even tried the new besafe that promises more room. To our amazement this was totally untrue. The new besafe is identical in size to our old one?! For a brilliant carseat that gives a little more room in the front I love the nuna rebl. The use of the wedge alone solved our only problem of baby’s head tipping when we first got the seat.

  5. I was planning om buying this car seat but now concerned regarding the head falling forward. Any update on this issue?

  6. Hi there,

    Any news on the head falling forward issue. My son has just nodded off in his brand new nuna and his head is completely crumpled forwards. As he is impossible to move while he’s sleeping (wakes up at the slightest touch) I tend to stay in the car while he naps but don’t want him to get a sore neck πŸ™


    • Hiya, I emailed Nuna with pictures and they replied immediately with an info pack on how to use the different parts of the infant wedge and at what age. Now I’m using the wedge it has completely solved the problem xx

    • We used the wedge only, not head or side cushion and it solved the problem. She is now big enough at 9 months to sleep without pad on full recine.

  7. Hi
    See the light grey insert – at what age do you use this up to ? I’m just using the back part for my LO , she is 10 mths old


  8. Hi
    I bought my nuna rebl car seat two weeks ago. Totally loved it but one major downfall:-( when my little one falls asleep her head falls forward ! She is at the deepest recline. I am so disappointed. So when she falls asleep I hav to stop the car and try an prop her head up. She is 10 mths old – I even bought one of those neck cushions but she is really too little for it. For such an expensive car seat I am so annoyed.

    Any advise or help I would really appreciate it


    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’ve contacted the company to ask about your comments ladies. I’ll let you know when I receive a response.

    • I have exactly the same problem! I have just put the cushion from the infant insert back in and am going to try that – it seems as though the head cushion is slightly too far forward which pushes her head forward. I look forward to hearing the response!

      • Just a little update: I got this back from Nuna, very quick response… Morning Shelley, firstly thank you for letting us know. This can be a common problem with some rear facing seats which is why the REBL has been developed with a three piece progressive insert. The wedge is essential at this sort of age to correct the angle and prevent this uncomfortable position when asleep. The use of the seat without any parts of the insert is not recommended until the child is at least 60cm and is intended for use until approx. 15-18 months, with the wedge section alone to assist with the seated angle. Hope that helps, but if you do have any questions please do email the team at [email protected] who will be able to help. Thanks! xx

  9. Hi! So pleased to see your review. I received my Nuna today and agree the swivel is so easy to use. Will make getting them in and out a lot more simple! The recline is better than Maxi Cosi Axiss-Fix but i still need to go for a long drive to convince myself that her head wont fall forward when she falls asleep.

    One question i have for you is how do you find getting your daughter out of the seat? As the harness is tighted from the drive I find it a little difficult getting her arm back out of the loop it seems too tight, but lengthening the harness seems a little fiddly while theyre sat in the seat. Do you have any tips? Is it just me?



    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you for popping by!
      I love the seat. I truly think it’s a luxury item for P3. It’s just beautiful.
      It is a little stiff but has eased with use if I’m honest. I’m quite used to different car seats though.
      I hope that in time it’ll ease for you.

      • I figured it out today! I was pulling the straps from the top to lengthen them. When i pulled from the bottom they moved so easily. Doh!

        Clodagh, i too noticed a head slump yesterday and was concerned. I have been reading around about whether this is a safety concern and the consensus seems to be that babies of 6 months plus are capable of moving their heads if they are uncomfortable or unable to breath. And as long as their head is not dangling out of the car seat (thus unprotected) then its fine. Just horrible to for us to see! Here are a few sites i found…

        • lifewithpinkprincesses

          I’ve contacted the company to ask about your comments ladies. I’ll let you know when I receive a response.

        • Hi
          Thanks for info Sarah πŸ™‚
          I tried it today with the back part of the infant insert and her head still fell but not as much – it was only a short journey so I will try it out 2moro again

          Thanks again clodagh

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