A Nursery Trip To Hastings

In the last few weeks I’ve been faced with a dilemma. Ultimately it felt like I was picking my favourite child because both P1 and P2 had school/nursery trips on the exact same day.  Originally my heart was set to go with P1 because in all the seven years of parenting I’ve had, I have never been on a school trip with her and I’ve felt guilty about that. P2 was only six months old when P1 started school and I didn’t feel ready to leave her, then P3 came along quite quickly. This trip would be the first one where I felt comfortable and able to leave P3.

However, P2s nursery trip sounded pretty lovely and I kept feeling this pull towards it. P1 never had nursery trips on a coach so this all felt a little new and I wanted to experience it with her. It was also a day out that if I was allowed, P3 would enjoy too. So I took the plunge in asking if she could come along too and dependent on that answer, I would know who’s trip I was going on. As it happened we were given the go ahead to take P3 on the nursery trip too so that was it. I was off to Hastings for the day with two kiddies and a double decker coach full of people. Exciting. And blooming nerve wracking because the two kiddies I was taking both experience travel sickness quite badly lately.

2016-06-16 09.09.59

We bundled on the coach last Thursday and both P2 and P3 were so excited. They kept squealing. I had a packed lunch and drinks to hand, along with nappy sacks for any unpleasant travel sick. The journey took just over an hour and unfortunately both girls were sick in the last ten to fifteen minutes. Thankfully I’m quite a dab hand at it now and nothing or nobody was covered.

Once we got on solid ground and had a lovely stroll up to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings, P3 perked up a bit. P2 seemed very emotional during the first half an hour and I felt a bit panicky that we’d have to call hubby in an emergency to get him to pick us up. Thankfully, after a bit of cake and a soft drink everyone was cheerful and we were able to enjoy the aquarium.

2016-06-16 12.23.59

After walking round the aquarium the nursery group headed onto the beach. Hastings is a stone beach which was a little disappointing as I’d hoped to build some sand castles and dinosaur bones from the moulds I brought with us. But the girls had some lunch and headed down to splash in the sea. All the kids got a little wet but all you could hear was giggling. To make things even better the sun was shining!

On the way back to the bus I treated the girls and myself to an ice cream. I figured they’d most likely sleep on the way back so I risked more food intake just before we set off. It didn’t take P3 long to fall asleep and P2 had her heart set on sitting next to her key teacher but soon came back to me to fall asleep. They are all so lovely at the nursery and the whole day was so sweet. I really enjoyed myself.

hastings ice cream

I’ve promised myself I’ll be going on P1s school trip next time. I really want to see how she reacts to everybody and experience a day with her too. As they get older you have more kids to look after which is a little terrifying but if my Grandad did it for me, I can do it for my girls.

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  1. I bet that was a dilemma choosing which one to go on. Glad you had a nice time x

  2. Oh, that’s such a shame the trips were on the same day, but lovely that you got to take P3 along with you too. I used to get travel sickness as a child too, not nice! Sounds like you are an expert at dealing with it though! x

  3. I’ve only been to one nursery trip with my little boy, it was to the Christmas panto.

  4. A difficult decision, such a shame they were on the same day. I have all this to come!!

  5. Lovely little summer day out 🙂 Nice to get an ice cream treat too xx

  6. i actually love a stoney beach! lovely pics x

  7. To say my hubby is from near there, I have never been! It looks like a lovely beach. Sounds a bit crazy but I prefer pebbles over sand!

  8. Aw what are the chances their trips were on the same day!? Still I would have picked the seaside. We went to Hastings for our family holiday last summer and loved it there! An hour’s coach journey is long for little kids I think, your daughter’s nursery is very brave organising that! x

  9. Tough call… It will be ahead of me in a few years as I’ll have 3 in school all one year apart. Great to see you guys had a fun day

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